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Offence and penalties under WBHIRA Act, 2017


Offences and Penalties:-

  1. Punishment for non-registration under section 3:-
    1. If any promoter contravenes the provisions of section 3, he shall be liable to a penalty which may extend up to ten per cent, of the estimated cost of the…

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Guide to the Mandatory compliance of a Private Limited Company

1. Company Name Board- Every Company shall paint or affix the name and address of registered office and keep the same painted/affixed outside every office or place in which its business is carried on, in legible letters.
2. Letter Head of Company- Every Company shall get its n…

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The taxability of capital gains arising on transfer of title to land from the landowner to the developer in a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) can be summarised as under-

Determination of date of Transfer:

Sub-section (5A) in section 45 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 provides that the capital ga…

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Private Placement of Shares

A private company may issue securities through 3 methods to raise capital:-

a) Through the issue of bonus shares

b) Through the issue of right shares

c) Through private placement


Private Placement (Section 42) refers to an offer made to a particular group of persons by a company by…

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Relief on startups

Under the Startup India Action Plan, startups eligible are required to apply for recognition.

The government is now considering giving complete exemption to startups from angel tax once they are certified by the Commerce and Industry Ministry to help growing entrepreneurs.

Multiple Startups a…

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Filing of eForm INC-22A

Filing of e-Form INC-22A: Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification (ACTIVE)

MCA has issued a notification on 21.02.2019, and brought amendment by Companies (Incorporation) Amendment Rules, 2019, wherein certain new statutes have been introduced,

  • Insertion of new Rule 25A after …

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IE Code Registration

Any entity cannot import or export without having a valid IEC Number. It is a mandatory requirement without which facilitation of import or export cannot be done. So, the question of what is  IEC number naturally arise.

Well, it is a 10 digit code number which is issued by DGFT(Director General …

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Conversion of Partnership into LLP

The introduction of LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) under the Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008 in India has brought many advantages along with it such as 

  • limited liability for partners, 
  • perpetual existence, 
  • better access to credit, 
  • potential for growth, 
  • easy …

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According to section 455 of Companies Act, 2013 Dormant Company is an inactive company which has not been carrying any business or has not made any significant accounting transaction in the last two financial years. 
i)    “inactive company” means a company whic…

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Registration of producer company


Producer Company is a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013, which has the objective of production, harvesting, procurement, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling and export of primary produce of the Members or import of goods or services for t…

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Filing of annual ROC returns

Filing of annual ROC returns


What are annual filings?

Companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 or Companies Act 2013,Form 23AC : For filing Balance Sheet (applicable to all Companies other than select class of Companies) are supposed to annually file eForms with the Registrar …

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Company Closure - STK-2

Decoding STK-2 – Closure of defunct companies

A company may, after extinguishing all its liabilities, by a special resolution or consent of seventy-five per cent members in terms of paid-up share capital, file an application in STK-2 to the Re…

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Company Registration through SPICe can be done within a day

SPICe- Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically

A newly introduced INC-32 or SPICe by MCA is a simplified version of registration of companies in India. MCA has replaced INC 29 with INC-32 with linked forms for eAOA- INC-34 and eMoA-INC 33. The modifications in the form are ma…

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Merger of Two Private Limited Companies: Decoding section 233 of Companies Act, 2013

Merger of Two Private Limited Companies: Decoding Section 233 of Companies Act, 2013 

Two or more small companies, holding company and its wholly owned subsidiary company or such other class of companies as may be prescribed may enter into a scheme of merger or amalgamation under section 233…

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I want to convert my company into a LLP

Conversion of Private Limited Company into a LLP

LLP is a hybrid combination of Private Limited Company and Partnership Firm. It contains the best practices of both of them. It contains the benefit of limited liability to partners (partner's liability is limited to the contribution made by th…

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Introduction of Integrated Form 29 for Company Incorporation

Good News to start your own company!! Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) has recently introduced an integrated Form 29 for Company Incorporation, which will help in getting upto 3 Director Identification Number (DIN), Company Name reservation and finally getting the Certificate of Incorporation. Ear…

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Forms of Business Set-up in Kolkata

In the modern trend of growing industrialization, commencement of new business setup has increased to a great extent. However an entrepreneur has to overcome a series of legal and procedural hurdles in incorporating a new firm involving a substantial quantum of cost and time.

In the present busin…

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