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Not able to download Form 26AS due to its large size

Sometimes, you may not be able to download Form 26AS from the Income Tax portal due to its large size. You will get an error message of “Due to large size of Form 26AS, this request can only be processed on-demand. Please log-in to TRACES and submit download request for Form 26AS which would be made available to you in text format. If you have not yet registered on TRACES, please register by clicking on ‘Register as New User’ on TRACES Home page and selecting type of user as ‘Tax Payer’.”

In this case, to download Form 26AS you have to follow the below steps:-


  • Go to TRACES portal. Click on ‘Register as New User’. Click on ‘Tax Payer’. Now give your PAN, Date of Birth & Name.
  •  Now you are given with three options :-

           Option 1: Details of TDS Deducted/Collected
           Option 2: Challan details of Tax Deposited by taxpayer
           Option 3: Details of 26QB statement filed by buyer

Please note that you have to fill only one option and not all the three options.  


  • Fill the communication address and communication details i.e., mobile number and Email Id.
  • You have to give your PAN as user name and password and select secret question along with answer. 
  • You will receive an activation link and activation code in the email and another activation code through SMS on the Mobile number provided by you. Click on the activation link. Now give your PAN as user ID, code sent through email and code sent through SMS. After submitting you will be able to log-in to the TRACES portal.
  • After log-in, Go to 'Request for Resolution' tab. Select 'Unable to View Form 26AS' from the request category. Select the Assessment Year. Click on Go. Enter your comment and add attach supporting documents, if any then submit the request.
  • After submitting the request, go to 'Downloads' tab. The status of requested file will be as  'submitted'.  You will be able to download the file only after status is 'Available'.

(Note : You also need to give details of your latest Token Number)
(For Existing user:- Click on Log-in and select ‘Taxpayer/PAO’. Now log-in with your credentials and submit the Request for Resolution)


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