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Supply of Service by an Indian Consultant to its Foreign Principal whose customers who are located in India.

Question. Our valuable client is a professional services engineer based in India. He provides professional services to a company based outside India. But the services are provided mostly within India to the clients of the foreign company present in India. The foreign company has a representative office at Bangalore ( not a registered office). The office is taken on rent by the foreign company and just serves the address of communication for its Indian clients. Our client gets a monthly remuneration by way of professional fees based on the invoice raised by him in India in INR. The foreign company credits our client’s bank account every month with the professional fee amount  which is converted by our client’s bank in India currency. Additionally our client also provides professional services to other Asia Pacific nations on behalf of the same foreign company.

Will this be considered as export of services by our Indian client and will he able to claim the benefit of “Zero rated supply” under the present GST regime? 

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